Jul 012010

The Law of Attraction (aka The Law of Resonance, The Law of Vibrational Coherence) is actually the law of consciousness and energy relationship.

According to the Law of Attraction, that which is like unto itself is drawn. Everybody’s individual and collective life experience is a perfect vibrational match to the condition of vibratory coherence being expressed from the core of our being. Consciousness provides the creative source-signal that universal energy responds to and takes shape accordingly.

Whether evolved, mature and coherent, or fitfully disjointed and conflicted, it doesn’t matter: Universal Energy conforms to our “shape”, like the water around every fish in the sea. All of our collective desires, dreams, emotions and thoughts. Even the capacity for incredible stupidity (denial) requires a deeper layer of intelligence to play out. Incredible wisdom (surrender to higher order intelligence) is simply choosing more efficient means to reach our goals.

Since all prayers are always in the process of being answered, in-telligence informing out-telligence, it behooves us to realize that we have an active say in the quality of the signal we each are emitting, to develop a bit of mental/emotional discipline, and to bring greater coherence to our inner formation out of sheer personal self-interest.

This is the reason that complaining is so silly. By glossing over the critical LOA insights, it thereby contributes to wasting time and the opportunities for otherwise creative transformation of our life. Complaining is merely a habit of mind born of ignorance of our true source and function as consciousness. Wake up, my friend. You can change the world when you change your mind.

Why is God Love? Because LOVE is the meta-physical formulation which allows for the efficient and balanced conservation of consciousness. It is the practical solution to living universe management. Love opens the spacetime for exploration of all possible permutations of consciousness. It is the foundation of existence.

The great game of life doesn’t require stupidity and ignorance. We just move to a higher level of functioning within a larger scope of existence when we let go of the attachment to incorrect assumptions, false hopes and misguided beliefs. Much nicer up here, I say!

I want to learn more about YOU, O Universal Creative Principle! How better to love, to appreciate and care for the good things of life you so abundantly brings forth out of your infinitely creative cosmic reSource. I’m ready, willing and able to channel the higher frequencies into practical manifestation.

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