Jul 012010

The Law of Attrac­tion (aka The Law of Res­o­nance, The Law of Vibra­tional Coher­ence) is actu­al­ly the law of con­scious­ness and ener­gy rela­tion­ship.

Accord­ing to the Law of Attrac­tion, that which is like unto itself is drawn. Everybody’s indi­vid­ual and col­lec­tive life expe­ri­ence is a per­fect vibra­tional match to the con­di­tion of vibra­to­ry coher­ence being expressed from the core of our being. Con­scious­ness pro­vides the cre­ative source-sig­nal that uni­ver­sal ener­gy responds to and takes shape accord­ing­ly.

Whether evolved, mature and coher­ent, or fit­ful­ly dis­joint­ed and con­flict­ed, it doesn’t mat­ter: Uni­ver­sal Ener­gy con­forms to our “shape”, like the water around every fish in the sea. All of our col­lec­tive desires, dreams, emo­tions and thoughts. Even the capac­i­ty for incred­i­ble stu­pid­i­ty (denial) requires a deep­er lay­er of intel­li­gence to play out. Incred­i­ble wis­dom (sur­ren­der to high­er order intel­li­gence) is sim­ply choos­ing more effi­cient means to reach our goals.

Since all prayers are always in the process of being answered, in-tel­li­gence inform­ing out-tel­li­gence, it behooves us to real­ize that we have an active say in the qual­i­ty of the sig­nal we each are emit­ting, to devel­op a bit of mental/emotional dis­ci­pline, and to bring greater coher­ence to our inner for­ma­tion out of sheer per­son­al self-inter­est.

This is the rea­son that com­plain­ing is so sil­ly. By gloss­ing over the crit­i­cal LOA insights, it there­by con­tributes to wast­ing time and the oppor­tu­ni­ties for oth­er­wise cre­ative trans­for­ma­tion of our life. Com­plain­ing is mere­ly a habit of mind born of igno­rance of our true source and func­tion as con­scious­ness. Wake up, my friend. You can change the world when you change your mind.

Why is God Love? Because LOVE is the meta-phys­i­cal for­mu­la­tion which allows for the effi­cient and bal­anced con­ser­va­tion of con­scious­ness. It is the prac­ti­cal solu­tion to liv­ing uni­verse man­age­ment. Love opens the space­time for explo­ration of all pos­si­ble per­mu­ta­tions of con­scious­ness. It is the foun­da­tion of exis­tence.

The great game of life doesn’t require stu­pid­i­ty and igno­rance. We just move to a high­er lev­el of func­tion­ing with­in a larg­er scope of exis­tence when we let go of the attach­ment to incor­rect assump­tions, false hopes and mis­guid­ed beliefs. Much nicer up here, I say!

I want to learn more about YOU, O Uni­ver­sal Cre­ative Prin­ci­ple! How bet­ter to love, to appre­ci­ate and care for the good things of life you so abun­dant­ly brings forth out of your infi­nite­ly cre­ative cos­mic reSource. I’m ready, will­ing and able to chan­nel the high­er fre­quen­cies into prac­ti­cal man­i­fes­ta­tion.

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