Jun 302010

I want to find the pos­i­tive direc­tion from here, but I’m hav­ing a bit of trou­ble. Any inter­pre­ta­tion is wel­come, but I think some­thing needs to hap­pen here, and I haven’t yet sur­mounted the challenge.

Well, last I heard, we are com­ing up on about day 80 of the oil vol­cano still gush­ing out from the seafloor into the Gulf of Mex­ico from what appear to be mul­ti­ple frac­tures in the seabed itself — seabed which has been gen­tly rest­ing atop a huge bub­ble of methane gas for a VERY long time — and due to it’s hav­ing been dis­turbed by the ingra­tious prod­ding and pok­ing and mon­key­ing about with the strate­gic bal­ance points of an extremely large sys­tem (of which we are a part) and energy lev­els which are way above of the scope of humanity’s cur­rent matu­rity to use wisely or engi­neer­ing capac­i­ties to safely turn down, is shap­ing up to become a wor­thy con­tender for an old-school 2012 extinction-level-event. I am not pleased. Con­tinue reading »