Oct 252012

This begins as a response to an inter­view with Jeff Thomas at Inter­na­tion­al Man https://www.internationalman.com/im-interviews/looking-toward-a-post-crash-world
and expands toward a more gen­er­al­ized arti­cle.

Hi Jeff, inter­est­ing inter­view. I look for­ward to read­ing more of your mate­r­i­al. I am how­ev­er hav­ing some dis­agree­ment with the bias­es from which you seem to draw your con­clu­sions. Thank you for inspir­ing me to write.

Start­ing with, … “cer­tain­ly, lit­er­al­ly mil­lions of peo­ple would be unable to adapt and would fall by the way­side.” This sounds like a nice cold euphemism for “die in mis­ery”. Can I get some fries with that? Con­tin­ue read­ing »