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  1. OK, This stuff is real.

    After half a day of writing and refining the opening screed to this site, I asked my wife, Dara to read it for consistency. The next thing I know, she hands me a copy of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s The Biology of Transcendence. I have never read anything by JCP, but after perusing the chapter titles of this book, and a few others, I have now completed the first chapter of his Evolution’s End with jaw-dropping amazement. It would seem that I have been drawing together conclusions, admittedly under development, which have indeed been achieved by this esteemed author. It is as though I have just become a demonstration of the phenomena he has so clearly elucidated.

  2. It’s a very curious thing that happens here among us – those of us who are in a frame of mind that seeks something outside of what exists in the obvious, the human society that drones along, are finding associated or identical theories and attitudes in random encounters with others.

    I had many LSD fueled conversations with other kids in the Bronx in the early 80s about things like extraterrestrial seeding of this planet and in the past year or so my fiance has read passages from books by respected authors that practically mirror some of these seemingly juvenile exchanges.

    I’m gonna go build a replica of Devil’s Tower in my living room now while watching Koyaanisqatsi and listening to my Butthole Surfers records.

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