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  1. OK, This stuff is real.

    After half a day of writ­ing and refin­ing the open­ing screed to this site, I asked my wife, Dara to read it for con­sis­ten­cy. The next thing I know, she hands me a copy of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s The Biol­o­gy of Tran­scen­dence. I have nev­er read any­thing by JCP, but after perus­ing the chap­ter titles of this book, and a few oth­ers, I have now com­plet­ed the first chap­ter of his Evolution’s End with jaw-drop­ping amaze­ment. It would seem that I have been draw­ing togeth­er con­clu­sions, admit­ted­ly under devel­op­ment, which have indeed been achieved by this esteemed author. It is as though I have just become a demon­stra­tion of the phe­nom­e­na he has so clear­ly elu­ci­dat­ed.

  2. It’s a very curi­ous thing that hap­pens here among us — those of us who are in a frame of mind that seeks some­thing out­side of what exists in the obvi­ous, the human soci­ety that drones along, are find­ing asso­ci­at­ed or iden­ti­cal the­o­ries and atti­tudes in ran­dom encoun­ters with oth­ers.

    I had many LSD fueled con­ver­sa­tions with oth­er kids in the Bronx in the ear­ly 80s about things like extrater­res­tri­al seed­ing of this plan­et and in the past year or so my fiance has read pas­sages from books by respect­ed authors that prac­ti­cal­ly mir­ror some of these seem­ing­ly juve­nile exchanges.

    I’m gonna go build a repli­ca of Devil’s Tow­er in my liv­ing room now while watch­ing Koy­aanisqat­si and lis­ten­ing to my But­t­hole Surfers records.

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