Jun 302010

I want to find the positive direction from here, but I’m having a bit of trouble. Any interpretation is welcome, but I think something needs to happen here, and I haven’t yet surmounted the challenge.

Well, last I heard, we are coming up on about day 80 of the oil volcano still gushing out from the seafloor into the Gulf of Mexico from what appear to be multiple fractures in the seabed itself – seabed which has been gently resting atop a huge bubble of methane gas for a VERY long time – and due to it’s having been disturbed by the ingratious prodding and poking and monkeying about with the strategic balance points of an extremely large system (of which we are a part) and energy levels which are way above of the scope of humanity’s current maturity to use wisely or engineering capacities to safely turn down, is shaping up to become a worthy contender for an old-school 2012 extinction-level-event. I am not pleased.

Even falling short of an ELE, this could grow to a class of extreme and extraordinary global disruption to business/civilization as usual (insert dystopian post-apocalyptic scenario here). As the poisoning of the biosphere is hastened by oceanic convection currents, food webs will disintegrate, people will die of famine and disease, manufacturing will cease, deliveries will cease, the cities will fall, the empire will crumble. Ouch (Well that last bit is at least justice served.) It’s either the biggest false-flag dog-wag in history, or the biggest really holy shit what now, batman kind of thing I’ve ever experienced.

Why the hell do we leave Homer Simpson in charge of the Deepwater Horizon, and have they suspended drilling elsewhere in the gulf, or are they still sucking away blindly? The “relief-wells” are just a sham. BP is obfuscating and obstructing. The multi-national monstrosities are headless beasts, built to resist wisdom and change, just giant money machines with no capacity for wisdom. They are the greatest danger we have ever created. Are the powerful families so stupid and thick, or are they perhaps really powerless to change their trajectory, freaking out in the control room? (I’m sure there are at least a few satanic death-metal neo-nazi-skinheaded pinkboys in pinstripes who are actually getting a hardon from this… )

My rating for the current establishment of bored gods and glass-bead-gaming overlords is a big, fat thumbs-down. We’re done, ya hear!?! Now get outta here. Make room for the Evolution, which is unstoppable. Remember, the meek shall inherit the Earth, and you better not piss off the meek, or they’ll be coming for you.

Yes, I’m sure the planet will restablish homeostasis again and the biosphere will sort itself out, EVENTUALLY. What kind of time-frame are we discussing here? Left to her own device, Gaia’s recovery could take anywhere from tens of years to tens of millenia. Where do Human lifespans fall into this?

Weren’t they watching all those disaster movies on SyFy? What hasn’t been communicated properly? Did we really need such a dramatic situ? What misguided benefit flows to what amazingly abstracted parties from this? Fucking kids are outta control. As an American, surely some of this responsibility accrues to me. A cog in the machine, turning w/ every full-tank and extra light on in the house (gotta has my internets!) or maybe it is just a FEMA, shadow gov terrorstorm blackop, playing their HAARP to cull the population? What?

I had been hoping for something better than being covered in tar (and I’m wondering where the feathers are going to come from). but maybe it’s just that “hoping” that “somebody” will handle all this and let me get on with my life is what has kept the difference from being made.

Maybe there is still time… This would be a great space-alien-saviour precursor scenario (DOCTOR, WHERE ARE YOU?) At this point we are surely the laughing-stock of the local ET community (if they haven’t genetically engineered the sense of humour out of their race). How embarrassing.

Now, I’m aware that we’ll be able to clean the environment faster with scalar-wave zero-point morphogenetic reichian-orgone-radionic nano-tesla quantum-consciousness maguffins. Once we engineer the right mushrooms to eat the oil, bacteria to neutralize the dispersants and to gob up the oil into compact, dense balls of hardened tar that will all float to where the whales and dolphins and sea-turtles can nudge them into our scoop nets and onto the shore where our future happy children’s children’s children will be able to collect them as curiosities without fear or harm. We can easily scoop them out, turn down the thermostat a tad, then shift the whole party over to a ginormous survival ark where we can party down and express gratitude for the grand catalytic opportunity for humanity to activate its twelfth DNA-strand and enhance our collective conscious evolution. (rainforest micro-brews of your choice, ya’ll!)

Maybe it’ll just stop on it’s own, and BP will just start cleaning it up for real, and paying everyone to help, with protective gear and everything. The caterpillar empire finally dies, and our childhood ends as the wingmakers’ radiant intelligence shines from beyond time’s end through all minds, and upon the shattering of the shackling ego, the irrefutable is finally accepted as obvious and uncontainable, and the new enlightened god-kings inlay a civilization that is truly and authentically sustainable and idiot-proof (for a while) before their final blessed lifeseed transition and ascension.

Perhaps this is just the thing we needed to bring us to the brink of our potential. But so much suffering. Ho’oponopono for Mother Gaia, Mother! I am so sorry, please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. What amends can I make now?

I believe it’s true: until the personal profit motive is deleted from our sustaining cultural values, is deposed from primacy among the ruling families, and looked upon by them as a vile and menial social flaw, we will need to be ready to do the work and to do the work of healing and forgiveness and compassion in its deepest sense, its truest sense. The profit motive is compelling, however, and something better will have to be found to fill the space of yearning it currently occupies. Something eudaimonistic.

The next enlightened council of the elect will surely and of necessity incorporate Heart-Based-Wisdom. Yet, can there ever be true checks and balances in an enlightened society, or does the the very notion arise from the distorted paranoid perception? I don’t see how one ensures transparency in 3rd dimensional culture. Even Saruman may fall. Fear of the hidden is instinctive.

We need to comprehend the distinctions that differentiate sustaining value-memes from destabilizing value-memes. Spiral Dynamics, HeartMath, EFT, NVC, Landmark, Bucky Fuller’s enthusiasm, etc, all resources of peace. Violence will only beget violence, so I intend transparency toward all that as much as possible. Get invisible, mobile, rooted, flowing, aware, positive.

It’s still just us, only us. You know, the one’s we’ve been waiting for.
Whatever happens now, somebody’s picking up the tab.

Life Carries On.

So, what’s next? Rapture, anyone?


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