Nov 112007

Falling somewhere beyond the dualism of credulous acceptance and rabid pseudo-skepticism, there exist approaches to culture which have at their heart a recognition of the individual as inseparable from nature – the nested levels of natural and socio-political organization within which the individual exists – from the nuclear family on up to the interdependent ecosystems of the biosphere, and inclusive of as yet unacknowledged interconnections within the universe. The wisdom of our ancients is returning to us full-circle, manifesting through new sciences, and new willingness to consider and utilize ancient methodologies.

The Nature of Awakening
We humans have long understood ourselves to exist as both physical and non-physical beings. It has been the endeavor of the arts and poetry, mathematics and engineering, sciences and philosophies to attempt to accurately portray the warp and woof, and to render a grand overview of the magnificent tapestry of our existence. Transitioning into this post-modern era, what we have come to call energy is understood to comprise the deep structure of all that is, and we are beginning to realize that all dimensions of existence are simply domains of energy.

The paradoxes of life on earth can also be understood in terms of the polarities and energy dynamics within a larger system. As human culture struggles to newly awaken from the ignorance with which it has been afflicted for millennia, the human heart is coming to be recognized as the organ of integration of ALL of the multiple dimensions of our experience into meaningful, coherent wholeness.

It’s worth emphasis here that the conscious evolution of humanity centers upon the development of a greater capacity within each individual to directly sense and intuitively comprehend the non-physical structures of our multidimensional reality, and to integrate this awareness into our bodymind and throughout our life. This is possible due to the intrinsic functions and inherent capacities of our energetic heart center. Discovering and unfolding these capacities is the practical wisdom of this age.

Far more than a mechanical pump or a metaphor for soppy sentimentality, the awakened energetic heart center is demonstrating itself to be more akin to a portal or gateway to domains of intelligence and consciousness, which become accessible through the conscious integration of information streams which are always passing around and through us. The feeling tones of unconditional love, appreciation and gratitude draw toward us harmonious resolution of polarities. Through proper meditation and intentional action, this true stargate becomes a stable conduit for higher-order organizing intelligence to flow through our awareness and into our world.

A Way Forward
Human beings must learn to appreciate our already existing, amazing structure to which we are heir: the bodymind intelligence. This beautiful and elegant design implementation exists in and defines our present-moment of experience. Communicating through the language of sensation and emotion, it always reports honestly and truthfully. Running deep to cerebral cortex functions, it serves as our basic support system for the exploration of existence. It is incredibly resilient and forgiving, even allowing us to explore modes of living which may potentially lead to it’s own destruction. Yet, truly, it is available to us as a robust platform upon which to stand up and transcend historical limitations of the species, and to develop a genuinely human high-culture.

High-functionality and good health require fluency in the language of emotion and sensation. Our emotions represent energy-state conversions within the bodymind, and the human heart sits at the fulcrum of the gross physical and subtle energetic aspects of the bodymind. It is the true processor and transformer of diverse information streams flowing to us from many different levels of experience, from electro-chemical to subtle-energetic. Although the brain serves as an organ of pre-digestion for certain specific ranges of energy/information, that data is passed through the heart of the integral being to the soul and higher dimensions.

Electromagnetic fields of the heart are now easily measured by modern science, but the subtler life energies require a more refined instrumentation. These energies (which science can not yet appreciate) seem to comprise a far greater portion of existence than the grossly observable features of the universe. Our external instrumentation is limited in its ability to gather and process meaningful data beyond the physical. Fascinating experiments are being done by scientists who are intuitively aware of their connection to higher orders of consciousness. These experiments, while necessarily oblique in their methods, are the source of a growing body of research data which demands a more expansive, holistic and integral approach to science in order to account for its implications.

The Spiritual Imperative
It is of the highest importance for us to realize now, that WE ARE the instrumentation of consciousness in its discovery and exploration of itself. Intuitively, we can know that each and every being is a conscious holon in a continuum of nested conscious holarchies, a pearl of living light, interconnected to all things through non-local fields of intelligence, love and compassion.

The vast bodies of data emerging from quantum, superstring, and m- theories, unified field research, general systems and complexity theory, brain research and cybernetics, neural networks, the internet, the discovery of fractals in nature, chaos theory, zero-point energy, and on and on…. are converging with information from sacred medicine journeys with plants of power, refined meditation techniques, channeled information, intentionality and synchronicity, sacred geometry and temple building, prophetic revelations of ancient scripture, the language and meaning of crop circles, studies on the covert presence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and on and on…

So, here we ask and ponder questions which may exercise our hearts to become strong enough to withstand the challenges we face as a sapient species on the verge of transition to entirely new energetic frames of reference.

  • Cross-disciplinary research which documents the intersection of soft and hard scientific arenas
  • In what way is consciousness separate and independent from the body?
  • In what way is consciousness dependent upon and how does it integrate with matter?
  • What is consciousness?
  • What is information?
  • What are memes and what role do they play in the evolution of consciousness?
  • What is the body?
  • Is human existence important, and if so, in what way?
  • How many levels are there, and how many are relevant to our existence as human beings?
  • How big is big and how small is small?
  • Does God care, and why?
  • Is there a God, and what is its nature?
  • Do I care, and why not?
  • Is there a “me”, and what is it’s nature?
  • Is there a purpose to it all?
  • Are higher dimensions better?
  • What is the technological singularity?
  • What is 2012 the meaning of end-times?
  • Do ethics have meaning in virtual reality?
  • Can I be spiritual and still have fun?

The above are just some possible topics for discussion, always pointing to an awakening of the Human Energetic Heart Potential. Your contributions are welcomed.

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